JPL Telecom Ltd, is a British design and manufacturing business focused on innovation in the unified communications sector. Established in 2004, JPL Telecom produces high quality, competitively priced telecom headsets, webcams and video conferencing products, targeting global business to business markets in the UK, USA, Europe, and further afield. The end user customer base includes call centres, government and public sector services, banks and corporate offices, and a vast array of small businesses. One of our many strengths is our range of patented, sustainable and future-proof headsets which provide the perfect solution for the ever growing number of organisations where environmental impact and product endurance are essential considerations. Due to the rapidly evolving working environments, particularly the dramatic increase in people working from home, the demand for the effective and efficient solutions provided by JPL Telecom has never been greater. JPL Telecom now has local offices in the US and Europe and a sales territory which includes over 50 countries across the world. In 2022, JPL has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. An award that we are very proud and honoured to receive. Our aim is to continuously improve customer choice, always offering value and commitment to our resellers and end-users.