3CX Phone is a softphone for making VoIP calls. It is an extension for the IP-PBX 3CX system. There are versions for Microsoft Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac.

Grow your business with the 3CX communications system. Don't rely on your phone alone - use website chat, WhatsApp, SMS and video conferencing. And all this in a single interface - without switching between different applications. Use the web client, mobile and PC apps. Do you want to work more efficiently? No problem! 6 reasons for our confidence:


1. 3CX is an affordable, scalable system

No monthly payment. One low payment for the desired subscription.

Connect your SIP trunk and manage numbers - reduce costs.

No complex licensing - one simple subscription.

Save on equipment - connect your phones.

Easy management, automatic updates and redundancy.

Reduce your expenses

Уменьшайте ваши расходы

2. Chat for the site and integration with social networks

Connecting chat to the site, WhatsApp and SMS

Turn visitors into buyers - online chat for the site.

Free online calls from your website in one click.

Reply to messages from WhatsApp - work with clients from social networks.

Use SMS to send reminders and important news.

Connect your CRM and recognize the client when calling or chatting.

Подключение чата на сайт, WhatsApp и SMS

3. Your work number is always with you

Use the office number in the application on your smartphone.

iOS / Android apps for chat, telephony and conferencing.

The system includes a web client and desktop clients for remote work.

Presence status indicates whether you are free, away, or on the weekend.

Remotely manage the system and users from anywhere.

The system is designed for remote work

Система разработана для удаленной работы

4. Video conferencing for successful work - for free!

Simple video conferencing solution

Integrated conferences without restrictions on use.

No software installation. Up to 250 simultaneous participants via browser.

Easy conference scheduling, automatic calendar event.

Video conferencing with YouTube content, interactive whiteboard and polls.

Stream video conferences to YouTube for millions to see.

Простое решение для видеоконференций

5. On your resources or our hosting - the choice is yours

Hosting from 3CX:

StartUP: ready-to-use system for up to 20 users
Over 20 users - dedicated PBX hosting

Do you want to manage the system in the cloud or on your own resources?

Hosting in your account Amazon, Azure, Google and others
Installation on your own Windows or Linux server

Switch quickly between 3CX hosting and your own server.

PBX 3CX - the choice is yours

АТС 3CX - выбор за вами

6. And it's completely free. No reservations!

PBX for any budget

3CX StartUP is free forever for up to 10 users including hosting.

DIY? 3CX Free is free forever - up to 10 users (4OB).

Dedicated instances get 2 months of free hosting.

Save on third-party support - minimal administration.

One clear license for chat, voice, video and more!

АТС для любого бюджета




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