3CX and Snom

10 years together

3CX and Snom products have been one of the most popular combinations in the highly integrated telecommunications infrastructure sector for more than a decade. Today, phones and UCC systems are easily integrated. To this end, Snom R&D ensures that Snom phones support all new versions and features of the 3CX UCC solution.

- 3CX ensures that new functionality introduced on Snom phones can be used with the 3CX solution.
—Customers who set up UCC infrastructures with products from both companies benefit from a high-performance, professional yet user-friendly solution.
“Both vendors are working together to create coordinated and innovative unique selling points that also provide partners and resellers with a compelling case for a UCC infrastructure made up of 3CX and Snom products.
—3CX is built on years of experience, delivering the most future-proof software

BIT Distribution LLC is the official distributor of these solutions in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
For more information, please contact Ksenia Bleschevenko, Business Development Manager
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